1. Get into fights. Scream at your parents until your lungs burn and then storm off to your room. Cool down. Talk after and tell them how much you love them.
2. Listen. Listen to the birds outside your window and the cars on the highway at night. More importantly, listen to people. The words coming out of your drunk friends mouth might be the smartest things you’ll ever hear.
3. Take risks. Sneak liquor out of your parents cabinets and try a sip or three, just to say you’ve done it. Leave the house at two am without knowing where to go. Wander aimlessly. Climb out your window and have your friends pick you up in their car. Don’t go anywhere; just drive.
4. Write. Write down anything and everything; things you feel, see, experience. When you’re old you might forget. Don’t forget your best years.
5. Love. Love everyone. Don’t make enemies. Talk to the girl in your science class who smokes too much and listens too little. Smile at the baby on its mums shoulder until it laughs. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Being cold never got anybody anywhere.
6. Cry. Read your favourite book and let yourself feel sad. Watch the sky and listen to sad songs after your first break up. Let the tears fall and don’t try to make them stop. Sitting in a cold shower helps sometimes. Curl into a ball under the covers and let your heart come undone. You’ll be okay.
7. Be weird. Laugh until you snort and dance around in your underwear. Sit on countertops and talk about nature with your friends. Sing as loudly as possible, always.
8. Don’t wait for him to respond. Send a text and sleep. It doesn’t matter if he responds or not, not in the long run. You won’t sleep as restlessly as before, and you’ll have something to wake up to in the morning. Be a tease. Kiss boys and walk away. Kiss as many as you want and don’t let anyone hurt you. Wear what you want and don’t give a shit over comments condescending peers or parents might give you. Have sex if you think you love him. You’re the only thing that matters.
9. Live. Don’t be afraid of anything. Be as brave as you possibly can and don’t think. You’ll go further that way.
10. Study as much or as little as you want. Do what makes you happy. Sleep a lot. Talk to everyone. Go to parties and sit on roofs. Drink, but only if you want to. Smoke a cigarette if you’ll think it’ll make you forget. Express your opinions if you think you’re right or wrong. Laugh at your mistakes and other peoples, but never just at people. Mind your own business. Don’t question things. Don’t think ahead. These are your best years. Live.
10 things every high school student should know (via aerations)